Titanium Swords

Dragon Sword 1  

Dragon sword showing anodized titanium blade

My first custom sword started with the titanium blade, then was developed one idea at a time. It was also the first in a series of dragon theme pieces.

 A complex guard carved in redwood with silver accents

The grip is formed from two pieces of redwood glued into an "L" shape, then carved into the dragon likeness. The wings are silver-plated copper. Sterling silver strips are inset into the grip. Eyes are synthetic ruby, teeth are carved ivory. A synthetic "alexandrite" is set in the pommel. (This is actually a corundum based "imitation" birthstone, that color shifts from red-violet to blue-violet under incandescent or fluorescent lighting.)


Dragon sword in snake skin sheath

A friend made a black snake-skin sheath for the sword.

Sterling silver claws with green and purple fluorite

Leather lanyard is attached to the sheath with cast silver claws on the ends.  Following the purple/green color of the blade, a piece of green and one of purple fluorite were cut and polished for the claws.

ti_detail.jpg (4656 bytes)

Using a solution-soaked piece of felt, the blade was anodized to purple that reflects green highlights.


Dragon Sword 2  
  broadsword2sm.jpg (3110 bytes)

Shortly after finishing the first sword,  I began work on a titanium blade broadsword. I started with a carved redwood handle, with small silver dragons in the cloud-like carved swirls of the wood, although this was changed later.

The guard is a winged dragon "impaled" on the blade, with anodized titanium wings riveted to the silver dragon. The new handle is oak, carved into a crystal cluster pattern. This was coated with black epoxy, then a final clear coat with blue-green mica powder, giving the color tint and sheen. Lab-grown blue quartz crystal tips are set in silver for the pommel.

The blade has a hammered steel overlay with a central channel running the length. The channel has rectangular black onyx cabachons and carved black horn set at about 6" increments. The exposed titanium edge was sponge-anodized to purple and green.

ti_pointsm.jpg (3820 bytes)

 medallion_detail.jpg (6464 bytes) medallion2_detail.jpg (5314 bytes)

The broadsword incorporates several special effects. Titanium coated quartz crystals are featured in two silver medallions set in the handle. When both medallions are held, a touch sensitive circuit causes red LEDs in the dragon's head to glow, lighting up the garnet eyes and the inside of the mouth.

dragon_nose.jpg (4940 bytes) pommel_detail.jpg (3819 bytes)

A concealed switch in the front medallion turns on power to an electroluminescent panel (a lime light panel) set below the crystal in the pommel, giving off a pale blue glow.



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