Other Custom Swords

My second Dragon sword features an ivory handle with a cast sterling silver guard. The guard was created using the lost-wax process. Using this method, an exact model of the piece is created in wax. The wax model is then placed inside a steel tube and filled with plaster-like investment. The tube and its contents are placed in a kiln then heated to burn the wax model out. The casting metal is melted and poured or forced into the cavity creating the final casting.

On the blade side of the guard, two dragons are carved in relief on a cloud-like background. A Brazilian black opal is set in the "flaming pearl".

On the opposite side of the guard, a single dragon curves around the handle, superimposed on a flowing wave-like background. A Mexican fire agate is set in the corner of the guard.

Blade side of a cast silver guard

Grip side of cast silver guard

This is the most recent in my Dragon sword series. This sword features a Damascus steel blade, elephant ivory grip, and a constructed silver scroll work guard. The scroll work is made from strips of fine silver soldered into place. The design contains two stylized dragons striding upon scroll-work clouds. Constructed silver scroll work guard Dragon detail
The grip is made from two pieces of pre-embargo elephant tusk ivory, a small tip and a short length of hollow tusk. The tip has been carved into two entwined dragons. Ivory handle with two dragons
The shorter hollow section has been carved with a single dragon, spiraling around from the guard. The band in the center of the handle conceals the joint beween the two pieces of ivory. The band next to the guard forms a cap over the opening, and keeps the handle centered on the blade. An ivory pin extends through the short section to hold the handle to the tang of the sword blade. The base of the ivory handle has a single dragon

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