Books and resource documentation: and - The UK division has many hard-to-find Terry Pratchett books

Paul Kidby -  The artist that does the wonderful Discworld illustrations I based Detritus, Death , the death cycle and the Luggage on.

Tools and Equipment:

Grainger - motors, solenoid pneumatic valves, Scotch 77 contact adhesive, and other tools and supplies

Grobet - jewelry making equipment and supplies (bought William Dixon & Company) brands: Grobet, Mascot, BestFit

MicroMark - hobby supplies, tools, some specialty items such as electroluminescent experimenter's kits

Rio Grande - jewelry equipment, supplies, findings, silver sheet, wire, casting grain, gemstones

Hardware stores (Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.)

Materials and Supplies

Allen's Coin - Silver medallions, ingots, ancients (coins)

CheepTrims - fabric and embroidered ribbon, Velcro, frogs, tassels etc. Excellent pricing!

Hobby Lobby - crafts and supplies, beads, framing supplies, etc. - foam, fabric and crafts (many convenient store locations.)

Leather Factory - leather, tools, buckles, rivets, etc.

Rainbow Feathers - bulk turkey feathers (in rainbow colors) - Now with online ordering!

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc. - titanium, niobium, supplies

Research Alloys - scrap metal, copper brass, some titanium (Columbus Ohio)

American Science and Surplus. - toys, motors, batteries (surplus stuff!)

Tandy Leather Company - leather, tools, buckles, rivets, etc.


All Electronics, Inc. - surplus electronic parts, kits, batteries, LEDs, switches, laser power supplies, etc.

Alltronics, Inc. - surplus electronics.

Electronic Goldmine - surplus electronics, LEDs and other parts.

Hosfelt Electronics - LEDs, ICs, tools, Lasers

Midwest Laser Products - HeNe Laser Tubes, kits, power supplies

MWK Lasers - HeNe Laser tubes, power supplies

Radio Shack - LEDs, Switches, misc. components

Robot Combat - Radio Control (RC), motor speed control circuits, (servo signal) weapon circuits

Toys R Us - toy light sabers, electronic pistols, etc.

Swords, knives, supplies

Atlanta Cutlery - finished swords, knives, kits and supplies

BudK - knives, swords

Smokey Mountain Knife Works - finished swords, knives, some kits and supplies

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