Star Trek Phaser Props


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This Phaser features a detachable type 1 Phaser, complete with sound effects and LED lasers in both the base and the small unit.  The pistol grip has an independent speaker to increase the sound volume, a second NiCd power source. The small type 1 Phaser features an adjustable LED power level (green, yellow, red bar graph LEDs) a switch to control the (classic) phaser sound effect style, and a red bar graph LED that lights two "chaser" LEDs when firing.
This Phaser features removable power packs in the grip. One has rechargeable NiCd batteries, and the other uses three alkaline batteries. There is an LED laser in the tip. Sound effects and flashing lights are all driven by the single power pack. The Phaser is constructed from silver-plated brass. The black hood is coated with a layer of black rubber over paint with a gold plated center band and bolts. Small dots of black epoxy were applied for the hand grip.


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