Assorted Props


Thermal Detonator:

From the Star Wars® movie, when the bounty hunter (Leia) was negotiating with Jabba the Hutt. I made a number of thermal detonator props for my Dark Trooper costume. Detonators hung from the Dark Trooper's weapon belt using brass color screw eyes attached by spring clips mounted on the belt.

These used a magnetic reed switch to activate power to the unit by twisting the shell until the top indicator lights come on. When the top grip (with the two red LEDs) is slid forward, the detonator sound is played back and bright red and green LEDs start flashing around the central hub. The detonator switch is made of brass and copper, the ball is a plastic gold color ornament found in hobby and craft stores. The skuzzy black coating is a thin layer of liquid rubber that has been rubbed off to expose the gold ball underneath. The threaded core is made from plastic PVC pipe fittings, hot glued into the ball sections.

One of the detonators had a strobe added, so that at the end of the 10-second sound sequence, instead of repeating the sound, the strobe fired.

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The Luggage:  Rincewind's faithful companion, given him by Two-Flower. The Luggage moves around on hundreds of tiny little (pink) feet. It also protects its owner by occasionally "eating" threats. (Terry Pratchett's Discworld)

Mine doesn't really move around on little feet. but by mounting them on springs, they do tend to twitch as the luggage moves around or snaps at things or people. A Nikko RC "M1 Tank" circuit was appropriated to drive two large gear-motor driven wheels. Four caster-style wheels support the chest off of the ground.


A CO2 tank and pneumatic piston (triggered by the turret button on the RC control) operates the lid. The teeth are foam rubber carved out into tooth-like shapes.



The feet are (glow-in-the-dark) hot glue over foam rubber, then a light spray of pink paint.


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