My interest in science fiction prop building was triggered upon seeing some machined aluminum and Lucite ray guns offered for sale at one of the local SF conventions. I had little interest in the resin-cast reproductions, simply because they lacked a certain realism. The aluminum and Lucite weapons featured strobes, touch sensitive circuitry, flashing LEDs, and other additions that added to their interest, even if in overall style, they bore no resemblance to common theme props from Star Trek or Star Wars, etc.

I have a background in jewelry making and lapidary, and turned these skills to building stylized replicas of some of the more common weapons, as well as a few totally custom weapons such as a laser rifle and a pearl-handled laser pistol. I had decided early on that any prop I would spend the time to create, had to include special effects of some sort. In other words, I wanted my props to be functional, not as true weapons, but as special effects props are - with active features such as sound effects, strobe flashes, helium-neon laser tubes, flashing lights or glowing neon.

My light sabers are not as imitations or copies of the movie props, but built with the "jedi philosophy" of each being a unique device of the creator. Some features were imitated or repeated to imply that the same jedi created successive weapons, or that they were influenced by working under a particular master. I used the original movie approach of constructing these from scavenged materials when possible, to give that junk-yard feel to the final prop.

Lasers - props with helium-neon (HeNe) or LED lasers
Phasers - props patterned after those in the Star Trek® films
Disrupters - more props patterned after those in the Star Trek® films
Blasters - assorted props with strobes
Light Sabers - props patterned after those in Star Wars® films
Other props - thermal detonators and other assorted props

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