Master Of Ceremonies Visual Aids
For the presentation at Marcon 35, the MC was asked to take on the part of Cut-Me-Own_Throat (CMOT) Dibbler. To enhance the presentation A cloth sign and foam foodstuffs were made for the MC to use. In Pratchett's "Men at Arms" Dibbler considered branching out from his sausage in a bun to other ethnic foods. In the case of the Diskworld, ethnic minorities of Ankh-Morpork include dwarves and trolls.

The sign was made of cloth, to allow it to be rolled up until the presentation.


Some of Dibbler's ethnic foods include shale-onna-bun for the troll population, as well as a variety of rat-onna-stick for the dwarf population. Working on this premise, cat toys were converted into "candied rat on a stick" (epoxy covered toys, lightly painted with a transparent red coating.) Mouse kabobs, using more toys and a variety of small plastic vegetables (It seems unlikely that Dibbler would really use vegetables or anything remotely healthy.) The fur tails from the candied rats were wrapped around a piece of foam, legs and feet made from some scrap leather, and then hot glued into a foam bun for a "rat inna bun."


"Shale inna bun" is a foam bun with black and grey painted cardboard for the shale. Dibbler's "Sausage inna bun" are foam buns with tubes of spandex around a foam core. All coloring of the buns and sausage was done with permanent markers. (yellow, brown, and black markers, with some orange highlighter on the buns.)

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