Paper Mache Construction
The shoes, hat, and shoulder caps are made from paper mache, with a CelluClay covering. All of the rounded pieces were formed by covering a large balloon with (traditional flour/salt/water) paper mache newspaper strips. Each layer was allowed to dry over night. This was repeated until 3-4 layers had been built up.

Then a thin layer of CelluClay was applied. CelluClay is the commercial paper mache type product, mad of finely shredded cellulose and a binding agent. When mixed with water to an oatmeal like consistency, it can be manipulated similar to a clay product.

To make the shoes, two domes of mache were made, then a tube of corrugated cardboard was formed and hot glued in place. Another band of cardboard loops around the back of the shoe.

CelluClay was then applied to the back of the shoe. White vinyl "leather" was cut for the side panels of the shoes. Two pieces were machine stitched down the back, then eyelets added down the front. A heal and sole of dense foam rubber was cut and hot clued to the shoe.

Problems were encountered with this construction. After a brief period of wear, the foam sole tore open on both shoes. The foam was reglued, but opened worse after the Marcon presentation.

To correct this, I removed the entire foam sole, and then hot glued some of the open weave non-skid workbench mesh to the shoe. This was trimmed to the edge of the shoe, then another layer of foam rubber glued to the mesh. This easily survived the Rivercon presentation, and seems to be holding up fine.


The shoulder caps were made from two domes of mache and CelluClay, then a strip of round foam weather strip was glued around the base. The shells were sealed with a layer of clear epoxy, then covered with liquid rubber. Only primary colors of PlastiDip are available: red, blue, yellow, and black. Pale brown was made by mixing red, blue and yellow, then titanium oxide powder was added to lighten the mix.

Both the shoes and shoulder caps were covered with the light brown rubber mix.

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