A New Breastplate
Time for an upgrade. After all Detritus is now the cultural ambassador to Ubervauld. (The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett) He has the modified siege crossbow ("the piecemaker"), so why not some form fitting armor. One of Kidby's sketches shows a breastplate with a muscular form.

Starting with a sheet of heavy mapboard, the form is sketch on, and the cardboard given a curve, held in place with tape.


After the basic form is cut out of the sheet, several layers of corrugated cardboard are cut, bent, then hot glued in place. Split loom tubing is added to make a thick, rounded edge.


Celuclay (paper mache) is built up over the cardboard to smooth and round out the form.



Neither the paper mache nor epoxy will stick well to the plastic tubing, so a layer of micropore paper tape is used to cover the tubing. This also conceals the ribbing on the tubing.


Once the paper mache is dry, a coating of epoxy is painted over the form. Powdered aluminum is mixed with the epoxy to give a silver color. Several more layers of clear epoxy are painted on to round out any imperfections.



As a test to enhance the metallic appearance further, I tried a layer of aluminum foil glued to the surface.

My opinion of this was that the effect looked just like crumpled aluminum foil, and not sheet metal. More epoxy and aluminum dust was used to cover the foil.


Back to dull silver once more...



Black and burnt sienna colors of acrylic paint were dry brushed on, then rubbed off, to enhance the shapes and the metallic appearance. Leather straps and buckles were added to hold the plate in place. Holes drilled to attach the badge complete the updated breastplate.

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