The Fiberglass Breastplate
Detritus was so large that the Watch had difficulty finding a suitable breastplate. I found a reference to his armor coming from a War Elephant on one of the Discworld RPG web sites. No other descriptions were found and even the various reference sketches show a different style breastplate each time. I elected to keep it simple.

The breastplate is made from a heavy grey cardboard with a rounded lip made from foam weather strip hot-glued to the cardboard. To achieve the shape, the sheet of cardboard was sprayed down with water, then propped up on plastic buckets with a large lead weight placed in the center. Once dry, the shape was trimmed out using shears, then the weather strip glued on.

The entire piece was covered with a layer of marine epoxy (tinted with bronzing powder to see if the effect was what I wanted)

Satisfied with the general appearance, I then added a layer of fiberglass matting using clear epoxy.

The fiberglass was lightly sanded down to remove sharp points. Small air bubbles and surface distortions were left to give the appearance of a hammered surface. Five holes were drilled, then enlarged by grinding, to represent the bullet holes Detritus received while chasing an assassin in "Men At Arms"
Several layers of epoxy colored with a mixture of bronzing powder and graphite were painted on to simulate bronze. (Graphite is dark gray in color, and reduces the "bright" gold of the bronzing powder.) A small amount of copper color was added to gold and graphite in the final coat.
Chicago screw mountings were added to the badge, then holes drilled, and the badge mounted on the shield. To give an oxidized appearance, latex based room trim paints were lightly sponged on across the surface of the shield, and around edges where oxide might build up. Two shades of dull pastel green and one shade of blue green were mixed to imitate the change from light to heavy oxidation. Leather buckle straps were added at the top and sides to hang the plate on the troll.


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