Fabric Preparation
To achieve a granite like appearance, gray spandex was "textured" using black liquid rubber, spray-on stone finish paint, and then detailed with black and white glitter.
In preparation, plastic was laid out on our deck, anchored with stones and bricks. A length of grey spandex was placed on top, with small stones to keep it from blowing over on itself until dry. To create an irregular texture, sea sponge was used to stipple the fabric with the black plastic dip. (Liquid plastic available to dip tool handles, etc is sold under the name of "Rubberize It!", etc.)
One problem that I discovered early on in this process, is that you do not want to do this on a wood deck. Drop-out occurs where the fabric follows the board pattern, and the sponge does not get down in the resulting grooves between boards. A piece of cardboard was placed under the plastic to eliminate these grooves. After the black rubber had been applied, a light stippling of spray-on stone paint was used to provide close-up detail. When everything was dry, the fabric was taken inside, white tacky glue was sponged on, then and black, white, or mixed glitter was applied to add the crystalline sparkle to the fabric.
An added bonus to this texturing was that both the rubber and tacky glue caused the fabric to pucker slightly in the areas of heaviest covering. This adds a slightly rougher effect to the overall finished form.

Initially, six yards of fabric were processed for the costume (48" wide). With this, I managed to cover most of both forearms, and the legs. More fabric would have to be obtained for the rest of the costume. No more gray spandex was located, but 10 yards of 48" wide white spandex was. This I dyed to match the original gray as close as possible (one part black, two parts pearl gray Rit dye, adding salt to improve the coloring of synthetic fiber.) The process was then repeated.

A short section was left without glitter. This glitter-free fabric was used on the inside covering of the head, and over the chest and stomach areas. (No need to get more glitter down my pants then necessary.)

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