The Cooling Helmet
In the book "Men at Arms" Detritus receives a cooling helmet created by his dwarf partner, lance constable Cuddy. Cuddy constructed this from iron, and added cooling fins and a clockwork fan. Cuddy discovered Detritus could think much better, and that his IQ became higher as the temperature dropped.

The dome of the helmet is paper mache and CelluClay formed on a balloon. The fins on the helmet are constructed of corrugated cardboard reinforced at the bend with copper wires. A bead of hot glue was run down the edges to create a weld or flame cut appearance. Lightweight cardboard strips were cut to form the band and ridge straps, then the whole thing was coated with several coats of marine epoxy with powdered aluminum and graphite mixed in. Rivets are small metal cap studs for fabric ornamentation. Holes were drilled for the tabs, then the caps were hot glued in place. There is a reference in the "Men at Arms" book to Detritus painting his new helmet black, so all that nice silver epoxy and trim was lightly spray painted to allow some of the silver to shine through in areas.

The fan construction is a collection of RC model parts, PVC tubing, a piece of bicycle hand grip, a computer fan grill, and blades driven by a small battery powered motor. A Yellow LED is carved into a head and shoulder likeness of an imp and placed behind a small window near the fan. (On Discworld, mechanical devices are either powered by using small demons, imps, brownies, or the occasional clockwork mechanism.) Two C cell batteries drive the fan, and are mounted inside the helmet. Hot glue joints were not hidden or smoothed out, so as to add to the welded metal appearance. No mention of the thermometer is made in the book, but several of the reference sketches show one.

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