Crossbow Ammunition
Question: What good is a 2000 pound draw crossbow without something to shoot with it?

The crossbow bolts are thin wall plastic tubes (protective fluorescent tube covers) covered with wood grain contact paper. The end pieces are cut from dense plastic foam then coated with black liquid plastic that has graphite and aluminum powder mixed in.

Arrow bundles are made from cardboard tubes covered with foam insulation hot glued to the central tube. Short lengths were used to fill in the exposed tube ends.

Looking around for something to use for points, or to form a cap over the ends, I found chisel point erasers. These were hot glued to the ends of the insulation.

A little silver paint, and the erasers are transformed into clusters of metallic death.

Fletching is created with thin cardboard. When painted in a suitably streaky fashion, they take on the appearance of feathers.


The shafts are painted a variety of pale beige shades, then dry brushed with a dark brown to simulate grain and aging. Black thread is tied around each bundle.


All of the arrows and siege bolts fit into a vinyl quiver that Detritus will wear with his crossbow (one will be placed in the bow)

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