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A costume based on the Mage-created Gryphons of Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. The Gryphons were introduced in "The Mage Wars" trilogy, which consists of: The Black Gryphon, The White Gryphon, and The Silver Gryphon. (For detailed summaries and more Mercedes Lackey information, check out the Dragonlords' web site or the official Mercedes Lackey web site)

Griffin n. [<Greek] a mythical animal, part eagle and part lion.
- Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language

Take one golden eagle... Reddish-brown feathers, large golden eyes a really pointy (and colorful) beak, and of course, wings!
Add one lion with golden brown fur, black claws, a long fuzzy tail with a black tuft on the end and a dark brownish-black mane.

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