New wings for Toronto WorldCon 2003 (TorCon):

Replacement wings were created using the same pneumatic articulated frame used in my gryphon wings. Instead of the black and gold used in the old wings, the new wings will maintain the black and metallic red used in the rest of the dragon body. Panels of red metallic fabric are cut for the main wing structure.


To conceal the aluminum framework and piston assembly, black spandex panels were created to form a pocket. Tubes of black fabric are created to conceal and space garden stake tube ribbing. The triangular segments are stitched together then the black tubes are hand stitched to the wing panels.

The stationary portion of the frame is encased in foam pipe insulation. A copper tube extends down from the foam and cloth covered shoulder. This piece of tubing fits within the larger copper tube in the dragon's shoulder and is held in place with a hitch pin.


Air pistons extend the wing framework. The rubber hose from the cylinders are connected through a "T" adapter with a single hose section that has a quick-disconnect to a small CO2 cylinder mounted inside the body.

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