Albert glared at him. 'Shut up.'
'Shutting up right away, sir.'
'And tell me where Death is.'
'Death, sir?' said Rincewind, backing against the wall.
Tall, skeletal, blue eyes, stalks, TALKS LIKE THIS . . . Death. Seen him lately?'
Rincewind swallowed. 'Not lately, sir.'
- Mort

The Scythe

The scythe appeared in her hands, its blue-edged blade making a noise like a finger dragged around the rim of a glass.
- Soul Music

The Cycle

The Senior Wrangler spun around and waved a finger at the Librarian. 'You built it?' he barked.
The orangutan shook his head. 'Oook.'
'What'd he say?'
'He said he didn't build it, he just put it together,' said the Dean, without turning his head.
- Soul Music

Death Of Rats

An unwary rat, creeping across the flagstones, was too late. The mist flowed over it. There was a squeak, cut off, and when the mist had gone a few small white bones were all that remained.
Some equally small bones, but fully assembled and wearing a black hooded robe and carrying a tiny scythe, appeared out of nowhere and walked over to them. Skeletal claws tippy-tapped on the stone.
'Squeak?' said the ghost of the rat pathetically.
SQUEAK, said the Death of Rats. This was really all it needed to know.
- Carpe Jugulum
Death of Rats Computer Mouse Mat from Paul Kidby (

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