Death Of Rats (DOR)

It was very dark.
He looked up.
Standing in the air, at eye-level, was a robed figure about six inches high. A bony nose, with bent grey whiskers, protruded from the hood. Tiny skeletal fingers gripped a very small scythe.
Mr. Pounder nodded thoughtfully to himself. You didn't rise to membership of the Inner Circle of the Guild of Rat catchers without hearing a few whispered rumours. Rats had their own Death, they said, as well as their own kings, parliaments and nations. No human had ever seen it, though.
Up until now.
He felt honoured. He'd won the Golden Mallet for most rats caught every year for the past five years, but he respected them, as a soldier. might respect a cunning and valiant enemy.
'Er. . . I'm dead, aren't I. . . ?'
- Maskerade

The rat skull was shaped from Sculpy and baked in a small toaster oven. Some final shaping was done with burs using a Dremel tool or flexible shaft. To anchor the skull to the wire frame, white hot glue was used inside the skull after the blue LEDs for eyes were placed in the eye sockets.

The Sculpy is not terribly strong when taken down to the thickness of the jaw bones and front teeth. These areas became damaged during handling and had to be rebuilt. This was done by covering the skull with a coating of white hot glue. Hot glue spread on a plastic sheet and peeled off when cool was used to cut thin chisel-like teeth.

It was about six inches high. It wore a black robe. It held a small scythe in one skeletal paw. A bone-white nose with brittle grey whiskers protruded from the shadowy hood.
- Reaper Man

My first Death of Rats created was of a very simple construction (I created three total, but this is the one you will see riding on the rear of the cycle and being carried around by Death.) The body, tail, legs and arms are all heavy gauge nickel wire with a section of copper wire on the end of the tail to add length and make the tip more flexible. Hot glue coats the wire and then is used to build up and form the small bones in the hands, feet and tail. A lithium ion battery is glued in place near the hips with a power switch and a recharging port. Ribs were created with copper wire and hot glued to the main body wire. Whiskers are made from short lengths of monofilament fishing line, hot glued below the nose.

The scythe carried by Death of Rats is constructed very similar to Death's scythe but without the special effects. The blade is blue anodized titanium with nickel wire supports riveted to the blade. The handle is solid copper wire with two tiny ebony grips held in place by screws through the copper shaft.


To complete the mascot, a flat black robe was made with some stretchy spandex swim fabric. A matching hood and cloak complete his ensemble. The robe has a T-shape opening to slip over the head, and fastens in the back with a small snap. The tails of the hood extend under the cloak, which fastens in the front with a small nickel silver clasp (tie-tack) with the omega-symbol on it.

Copper wire reinforces the hood opening allowing it to hold the shape, although a small piece of foam rubber stuck in the point of the hood allows it to stick out behind.

When the creature was sure it had got her full attention, it pulled out a tiny hourglass on a silver chain and pointed at it urgently.
- Soul Music
Death of Rats has several accessories that he might be holding from time to time, usually in addition to his tiny titanium scythe.

From left to right: DOR3, DOR1, DOR2
Death of Rats #3 was presented to Terry Pratchett during the Noreascon Masquerade. He was delivered by The Luggage, but in a box with black paper, ribbon and tissue paper inside. The note was loosely based on the snowflake globe note in Reaper Man:

There is a pose based on the illustration Paul Kidby did for a mouse mat, one where Death of Rats is holding some obviously dead computer mice. He may be seen to carry one of the black roses from Modo's garden in the Unseen University. There is a tiny sterling silver hourglass on a silver chain. This hourglass has not sand, but diamond dust that sifts between the bulbs. (The dust is supposedly from diamond cutting waste.)

What seems to be his favorite is a tiny glass "hand boiler" filled with a green liquid that bubbles up to the top bulb - if there were any warmth in his tiny clawed hands. You can almost hear Death of Rats snigger (SNH, SNH, SNH...)