Soft Sculpture Costuming

Presentation Image


The Tick
"The City" Dyed blue Spandex over foam


"Best Recreation"
Marcon 33

(May 1998)
"The Black God" Best Recreation - Marcon 34

The Black God

Rear cloak, hanging from wings

The village

"Best in Class - Journeyman"
"Best Recreation"
Marcon 34
(May 1999)

"Best hall costume"
Rivercon 25
(July 2000)

"Night Watch" Best in show, Best recreation Marcon 35

Detritus at Marcon 35

Best in show - Rivercon 25

Detritus at Rivercon 25

"Best in Show"
"Best Recreation"
Marcon 35
(May 2000)

"Best in Show"
Rivercon 25
(July 2000)

"Hanging out"

Halloween at the Office Pictures
October 2002


A Night Watch Journal:
Construction Notes for Detritus the troll


"Wildlife Adventure"

Best Workmanship - Marcon 36, Best in Show - Conglomeration

The Dragon at Marcon 36

"Best Workmanship"
Marcon 36
(May 2001)

"Best in Show"
Conglomeration 1
(August 2001)

"Best of Show"
Millennicon 16
(March 2002)

"Best in Class" (Master Overall Construction & Engineering) in the Master Division CostumeCon 21
(April 2003)

"Best in Show" for Workmanship, "Best in Class" - Master Division
Torcon 3
(August 2003)

"The Dragon and the Maiden"

"Rear View"

Millennicon 2002
Hall pictures of the dragon!

"Hi Mom!"


"Dragon Dreams"
Construction Notes on Dragon Building


"Rhynath's Passage"

"Mage Storm Alert"


Click for larger view of the head

"Best in Class" Marcon 37
(May 2002)

"Best in Show"
Conglomeration 2
(August 2002)

"Best of Show" Millennicon 17
(March 2003)

A hall pose

Hanging out by the trees (where else?)

Millennicon 2003
Gryphon pictures

With a Herald

Rear View

A Golden Gryphon - Construction Notes

(Under semi-active construction now)

Ben Grimm - The Thing

"Thing Radio"

Ben Grimm AKA The Thing (Fantastic Four)

"Best in Class" - Master Division Conglomeration 3
(August 2003)

Construction Notes for Ben Grimm (AKA The Thing)


"It's a man life in the Watch"

Coalface - In the Watch?

"Best in Show" Conglomeration 4
(August 2004)

Construction Notes for Coalface

Hall Costumes

Dragon hall costume
(Halloween 2004, Marcon 2005)

Dr. Doom hall costume - Marcon 2009

Cthulu - Marcon hall costume, 2011

Other Costumes...

Dark Trooper

"A Great Disturbance"

Best Recreation Marcon 31

Construction: fiberglass over paper Mache

"Best Recreation"
Marcon 31
(May 1996)


(hall costume)

WAR at Conglomeration (and artwork) Construction: Cardboard armor and helmet, leather armor, brass/bronze armor, a war horn and a big glowing battle axe.

War: Pictures and Construction Notes - Coming soon


"The Uncertainty of Death"



"A Pale Rider"

Construction: Paper Mache over Foam Rubber; hot glue teeth and bones. Lots of props though.

"Best in Show" Millennicon 2004

"Best in Show - Workmanship"
"Best in Class - Presentation" (Master Division)
2nd Place Discworld costume presentation
Concrete Overshoes Award ("Take a long walk off a short pier")
Noreascon 4

Millennicon Photos:


Marcon Photos:

On stage#1
On stage#2

Fan photo area
Cruising the bar

Noreascon Photos:

This? It's a scythe
Death's Ride #1
Death's Ride #2
Group photo

Death: Pictures and Construction Notes.

Convention Links

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CostumeCon 21 (2003)

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Millennicon SciFi Convention site (

Noreascon Four - 62nd Worldcon Boston, MA September 2-6, 2004

Rivercon SciFi Convention site (gone, but not forgotten)

Torcon 3 - 61st World Con Toronto, Ontario in August 2003

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