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Ray Guns: Including Blasters, Phasers, Disrupters, Lasers, etc.

Romulan Disrupter

Romulan Disrupter (click for larger image)

The weapon design is based on line art found in the Star TrekŪ Encyclopedia and one or two obscure photos. The rear surface of the disrupter includes a series of small LED indicators that show the current battery power level. A micro-miniature slide switch controls main power for the sound, power LEDs, and beam emitter LEDs, with a second slide switch for the internal strobe unit. A large yellow  LED indicator in the top ridge lights when the strobe is charged and ready to fire. Pressing the trigger activates the sound, red-orange emitter LEDs, and fires the strobe if powered on. The modified quick charge base also doubles as a display stand.

Key Features

bulletStar TrekŪ sound effect when fired
bulletBright red-orange glow when fired
bulletOptional strobe flash when fired
bulletSeparate power and strobe micro switch
bulletRechargeable NiCd batteries.
bulletFast charge base with deep discharge feature
bulletLED power level indicator lights
bulletLED strobe charge indicator light


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Romulan Disrupter RG01 SOLD