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Web Changes

Now that Marcon and Conglomeration conventions are done, maybe I can get some real updates created. Two more titanium knife pages were added after Marcon, but I am not happy with the navigation to these pages. There are still many more knives to add, and a couple of light sabers and ray guns as well. If there is something you saw at one of the cons and are interested in following up on its availability, drop me an email. (ckramer@columbus.rr.com)

The Wyvern Pages are a showcase for my SciFi costuming interests. It is here that you can find my work journal on the Dragon costume that flopped at Marcon (couldn't move in it) but got reworked to win Best in Show at Conglomeration. I added "Follow-Up Notes" to many of the pages. Things like "rebar reinforced feet don't work" and "watch out for low ceilings".

I am already working on a new (smaller) costume for next year, and I have taken suggestions seriously from the convention guests and fellow participants. I am testing a phase change cooling vest and pneumatic driven wings to name a couple... Stay tuned.